Sunday, September 6, 2009

Eastern Idaho State Fair

We were excited to get back to the fair this year. We missed last year because we were in Oregon the whole week it was here. Katelyn was pretty excited to ride the rides, and poor James could only ride the Merri-Go-Round and train. Fair restrictions kept him off the other rides. So he rode three times and then watched old sister have fun on the other rides.

Brian even decided to go on one of the big kid rides with famiy friend Gwen. It was fun to have her and her daughter Chloe with us for the day.

If you can see the bald top, I am on the bottom left.

After rides we had fun at the petting zoo.

Meadow Lake Fising

We went to Meadow Lake again on August 27th - 29th. Again, because Brian took the Scouts up there earlier this summer, and then the George family had a day trip up there in July when everyone was around. Anyhow, this was our annual trip with the Jensen's (Danny's in-laws). We all had fun and everyone had a chance to reel in a fish, as long as we fished with Katelyn's Disney pole. Daddy's more expensive pole didn't snag a fish all weekend.

Here is Katelyn's first catch. She did this one all by herself. Daddy was going to get after her for just reeling in her line instead of letting the fish get her worm, when we saw a fish following her line up to the shore. She was pretty excited to catch her first fish. She even got to gut her second fish she caught. Daddy helped her a little, but she pulled most of the guts out all by herself.

James also helped Grandpa reel one in. That is until Grandpa realized he had a little bit of a fight on his hands. This turned out to be the biggest fish that Grandpa has ever pulled out of Meadow Lake.

Later James reeled one in by himself. He wasn't to sure about the fish in he net that was still flopping around. But he was excited to catch a fish.

Daddy and James had a lot of fun floating in Uncle Danny's boat and just reeling the line in. We did a lot of that without reeling in very many fish. That's ok though because Mommy and Katelyn don't really like to eat fish. However, Mary said she would try some of this fish if Brian can cook it so it doesn't taste like fish. So if any of you have a good recipe on how to cook fish so it doesn't taste so fishy, let us know.

Back again

So, almost year ago I created this blog thinking that I was actually going to do something with it. HA HA. However, I have a renewed desire to share my families activites with the world once again. And, might I add it has not yet been a full year since I last blogged, let's hope it is not another year until the next entry :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

I finally convinced Mary to let me get a real tree for Christmas this year. So this week I set out with Trevor to go find the perfect Christmas tree. We went up to Palisades and found the steepest hill we could find to cut our trees from. Here I am cutting down the tree:

Shown here is the mighty hunter hovering over his fallen prey!!!

I did my part in cutting it down, bringing it home, and setting it up. Then my wonderful family made it look like a real Christmas tree.

Now all we need is to get a little snow and it really will look like Christmas!